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Handbook for Us

What Does 'Health' Mean?

It means harmony with nature and yourself. If a human being keeps away from nature, or ceases to listen to its body, then it becomes unprotected from diseases of soul and body.

There are diseases caused by old age, by any other certain reasons, but most of your diseases are caused by people, i.e. by hoodoo or evil eye. Like there are black and white, night and day on the Earth, so do good and evil exist. Since the world exists, good and evil, love and hatred, good health and disease are always side by side. There are diseases which we get by ourselves due to improper food, hard and exhausting work. Unfavorable ecology, radiation and hard drinking have a great impact as well. Though there are diseases and misfortunes, failures, bad luck, family conflicts, quarrels, hostility and animosity which appear from clots of black negative energy. People refer to it as hoodoo, evil eye, curse and witchcraft.

Most of us often find in our homes some unknown objects which appeared as if from nowhere. We find fork ends, poured out grain, millet, cereals, needles, pins, or ground. We do not pay attention to these matters. But when something irreversible happens, we are totally frightened, and we start thinking, 'Perhaps, it could have been possible to prevent.'

What does actually such bad luck as hoodoo mean? The very word 'hoodoo' derives from the verb 'spoil', 'make worse', 'cause damage', thus hoodoo means harm or damage caused by witches and sorcerers by means of black art or witchcraft. It is a harm or damage caused to our soul and then our body in a magic way. Nowadays, everyone has already accepted that bewitching methods are not limited in their opportunities and variations. Followers of black magic dedicate to it enormous published papers. Effect of one person upon another one is the most commonly used bewitching method.

Hoodoo is made through hatred, revenge, out of spite and from malice. Quite often, envy is the reason of the hoodoo. However, the person who is a victim is often guilty of nothing. Anyone living well? - it is necessary to make them live badly. You show some new things to your neighbors, friends, acquaintances, boast in front of them, and they say good words, though think quite on the contrary.

Hoodoo may be made anywhere and under any circumstances. It is sent by transmitting incantations at any distance. As a result of this, person becomes ill, the diagnosis impossible to determine.

The hoodoo itself is not over after a number of years. It is necessary to get rid of it. There are three types of hoodoo in nature. Method of rescue from hoodoo is different for each type. The first type: a person becomes ill. The second type: spell, when person's fate is changed.

The third type, the most dreadful one: person's death. It is possible to kill a person with the help of hoodoo, by sending hiccup, erysipelas, Hansen's disease (leprosy). There is a hoodoo for a home as well. It is made in the following manner: dead water is poured near the entrance door, needles, burnt matches, knives, glass, hair, wool, cereals, bones, candle ends are put into the secret places. Consequently, these objects carry information about diseases, unsuccessful family life, failures. In order to rescue a person from such hoodoo, it is necessary to find a place where it is located.

How do we feel effect of the hoodoo? We quarrel with everybody, our family members become ill, we are unsuccessful in our business, love affairs, the so called black bar comes. It is possible to get rid of such bad luck by means of special objects under incantation.

You may be affected through your child. It happens when a child is treated to sweets and similar staff, they say to it, 'Take the sweets, dear. One candy is for you, one candy is for your dad, and one candy is for your mum. When you are home, treat your mum and dad to sweets. And tomorrow I'm going to come to them and ask them whether you are mean or not.' The child comes home and treats parents to the sweets. However, the child will not be affected but there will be the threat to family well-being and health.

Try not to take any suspicious objects lying near your entrance door. Do not take anything on the crossroads at the point where four roads meet, especially on the eve of religious holidays when all dirty things are put by the witches.

How is it possible to determine whether a person is affected by hoodoo or not? If a child grit its teeth at nights but it does not have helminthes, if a woman is affected with pigmentation spots, if a healthy woman has poor menses or no menses at all, if a man or a woman cannot find a couple for them, if a person loses much weight during a short period of time, if you afraid of staying in closed space, if you have nightmares or have no dreams at all, you weak up already exhausted, if there are some objects in your house/apartment which do not belong to you.

The object carrying in it hoodoo is not the most dreadful thing, the most dreadful thing is the black energy radiated by such object. There are three stages of hoodoo development, three stages when the black negative energy affects a person. The first stage: a person absorbs the hoodoo. The nervous system is affected firstly. The person becomes nervous, irritated, hot-tempered, angry, quick to take offence, not the sort of a person he/she was earlier. The second stage: the black energy comes to spine, places in the intervertebral cartilages. As a result, shoulders, back and loin start aching. Finally, the third stage: the final goal is achieved. If it the disease hoodoo is made, a person becomes ill; if the family quarrel hoodoo is made, people quarrel and abuse one another; if the loss hoodoo is made, a person incurs permanent losses and expenses. It is not possible to get over it and solve the problems unless you get rid of hoodoo.

If you could only know how many objects may be the source of hoodoo! It may be any object: dog's wool, wolf fat, chicken droppings, ground from recent graves, hobble from the dead person, dead water, poppy-seeds, millet, cereals, needles, pins, funeral coins, hair, photographs, flowers from graves, broken glass, shavings and chips from coffin, menses.

Hoodoo may be represented by so called load: objects put into pillows and feather beds - spurge-flaxes, witch's hair, 'kublichki' made of feathers in a form of nests, small parts of broken mirror, dried animals. Very often, these objects are rather simple things, i.e. food, brought to witches. Witches cast a spell over such food, and ill-wishers bring such food to your house/apartment like a present or refreshments. They may put or pour such objects near the entrance door. If such an object stays in your home for a long time, it will be the source if negative evil energy which would be the cause of all your bad luck, disasters and diseases.

The person should not allow his/her fate to be influenced by anyone because it often leads to bad consequences. If a family hoodoo is made with the purpose to divorce the couple, neither willpower nor a call of duty is as a rule sufficient to save the situation. Quarrels, scandals, detachment will suddenly start appearing in a happy family. The couple will finally divorce, and children will be the first to suffer.

There is a hoodoo made by word. Such hoodoo is called damnation. Damned people are followed by diseases, madness, suicides which will wipe their kin off the face of the earth unless they repent. Priests told about that earlier. Scientists have recently come to the same conclusion.

As everybody knows, words may sometimes hurt much stronger than a knife. They say not in vain, 'Cut without knife'. We often even do not think over that. Especially in a burst of anger, we may tell the offender things we may later be ashamed of.

It is may be imagined, what harm to person's health may be made by damnations made by those with evil eye, or even worse - by those with wicked tongue. Some words may be worse than mines: they explode in human genetic apparatus distorting its genetic programs, evoking mutations which lead to degeneration.

Any spoken word is nothing but a wave genetic program which may change your whole life. A word acts as a jumping gene sometimes, and it may cause cancer or, on the contrary, eliminate the cause of the disease.

My recommendations! Under no circumstances put the clothes worn by you or your relatives (even if it was once only) on the dead person. Do not keep objects taken from funerals at home (objects that were on the dead person at the moment of his/her death - clothes, bed-sheets, hobble used to tie feet and hands of the dead person. When you leave you home, say the following words, 'Angel of mine, come on with me, you are in front of me, I am after you. If somebody damns you, say, 'The God is the judge for you, not me.' If you are complimented, bit the tip of the tongue not to have somebody put an evil eye on you. Mothers, do not damn your children! Keep in mind that mother's damnation is the most dreadful one.

What Do These Words Mean?

'Predict' means to say in advance what will happen, what is to happen, and what will occur, to make conclusion on the basis of available data about what will happen, occur or develop.

'Foreteller or 'Predictor' a person who predicts the future.

'Prophecy' means prediction of the future on the basis of strikenings, revelations, and signs.

'Clairvoyance' means 1) supernatural powers to foresee the future, to recognize anything that ordinary people cannot perceive. It is the gift of clairvoyance. 2) Insight, astuteness. It is an ability of clairvoyance.

'Clairvoyant' means a person who possesses the gift of clairvoyance or ability of clairvoyance.

'Fortune-telling' means telling about what has already happened, what is happening at the moment, what is to happen or occur; making conclusion about the past, the present and the future by means of special objects and methods.

'Witch-doctor' means a person who applies folk medicine and facilities, incantations, spells for himself/herself or others.

'Herbal doctor' means a person who 1) deals with study and collecting of medicinal herbs and uses them to cure people. 2) Witch-doctor.


At dawn (from 4 a.m. to 6 a.m.), I prepare photographs specially for each visit by reading over each photograph and utter an incantation over each photograph to protect people from negative effect of other people.

The photograph should be always carried in the pocket of the jacket, coat, raincoat, inside clothes, in the purse, in the bag, etc. with my image closer to the body.

The photograph is not a simple illustration; it is a part of my soul, my image.

The photograph should be placed with its front side against the sore spots for 10 to 15 minutes; if there are many diseases, the photograph should be placed against solar plexus. It is better to do it in the evening before sleep so that you can relax and not to hurry anywhere.

While using photographs, each person may experience different reactions. It may be warmth and light vibrations for one person, pricking in finger-tips, coldness, chill, itch, shivering - for another one. One may start sweating.

To have more money, put the photograph of me on any paper money and leave it for a night at the windowsill when it is the phase of the new moon. Put this money into the purse in the morning and do not spend it till the next new moon.

You may utter an incantation over water even at home using the photograph of me. Such water will help you both in getting rid of hoodoo, evil eye, witchcraft and in curing inner diseases.

It is better to take water in the morning from 4 a.m. to 6 a.m. Water should be clear - from spring, source or well. How to charge water? Put my photograph with its front side to the bottom on the three liter jar standing on the table. Join the hands in a house-like manner above the jar (three to five cm to the edge of the jar). The hands should not touch each other. Do not look at the hands, and concentrate on the feelings in them. Whisper my incantation three times, 'Wash my body, clear my sole, frighten the evil enemy away from me.'

Drink only three gulps of the water before meals during 40 days. It is recommended to wash windows and doors with this water to prevent evil from penetrating into your home.

Do not get frightened if there will be white or black sediments in this water, or when it will change in color, or there will be odor nuisance. It means that water demonstrates you the hoodoo. Pour it out immediately and be glad that it accepted your hoodoo. Utter incantation over new water again using the photograph of me.

You may utter incantation over salt as well pouring it out on the photograph for night. Put such salt in food. It is good for those who have scandals in the family. But unlike water, do not share salt with anyone.

You can help any person who is far away from you with my photograph. Take the photograph of me where my eyes are clearly seen, and put the photograph with the front side against your face for night. You will see the result: such person will call you and thank you because he/she will become calmer and healthier.

If a person commits an adultery, then cut the corners of my photograph. For an adulteress, cut the left-side corner. For an adulter, cut the right-hand corner. Put such corners in the insole or in the clothes of the adulter(-ess). Such person will have a longing for you because there will be an incantation between such person and you, there will be an invisible bridge between you.

If the photograph changes in color, it demonstrates how long ago and what bad things were made for you. Different color spots may appear on the photographs. It will prove availability of the hoodoo in this way. If there are red spots, it means that you have the hoodoo with dead blood or menses. If there is water on the photograph, it means that you have the hoodoo with dead water. If there are black spots, it means that you have the hoodoo with hobble taken from a dead person or with dead ground. Yellow color means the hoodoo with candle ends, white color means that a person was made drink something with the hoodoo, green color means flowers or grass from graves. If the hoodoo is made for solitude, loss of any interest in life, there will be faded spots. If the hoodoo is made for family discords, there will be brown spots on the photograph. If the hoodoo is made for birth diseases, insanity, there will be pink spots. If the hoodoo is made for aggression to the opposite sex, agamy, and longing for alcohol, there will be blue spots. If while using my photograph some spots appear, it is necessary to come to me for an individual meeting. Such hoodoo shall be get rid of by the special ritual.

It is necessary to use my photograph if you take herbs. Since it is unknown who collected such herbs, what they were thinking of in the process of collecting herbs. When purchasing herbs in the market, the question appears where such herbs grew. Therefore, when pouring boiling water into herbs, it is necessary to release them from package and cover them with my photograph for ten minutes. After that, pour boiling water to them and help yourself.

The photograph has an incantation for a half a year. In a half year, it is necessary to burn it in the street without attracting attention of the passers-by. The ashes should be thrown away in running water with the words 'Where the water flows, there my misfortune goes.'


Imagine the ray of the rising sun. This sun is the love. These gentle rays penetrate in you, and your body is lighted up from inside with golden light of joy and love. You feel how your new blood enriched with healing substances and carrying vital power of sun rays starts moving in your vessels. Small golden balls spread along the body alongside with blood. Such golden balls run into one another and convert into one golden ball. This ball starts moving in the body. It has swept across your face just now - your face has become clearer and radiant from inside. The golden ball went down, and it warmed your heart, your liver, internal organs. It removes diseases from every nook of your body. You body is full of golden light, it is beloved, it is clean, clear and light.

This is my leaflet. It works this way because attuned to love and help.

I read your letters every day, and my sole cries over them together with you. Each third letter is about drunkards. Drinking, fighting - all the same. The one who has fallen into love with a drunkard has wasted her (his) life. Everyone knows that a drunkard is brother of a wicked one. How many women who are drunkards! If you have a drunkard in your family, do as follows: put one leaflet under his/her head, put the second one under his/her feet to make him/her come home after work and keep sober mind. You may put nine leaflets into the pillow or under a mattress of a drunkard for 40 days so that he/she would not notice. After that it is necessary to burn them in the street without attracting attention of the passers-by. The ashes should be thrown away in the running water with the words 'Where the water flows, there my misfortune goes.'

If your family life has become intolerable: discords, scandals, fights, disputes - wrap in a leaflet your common family photograph from the time when you lived in complete harmony. It is desirable to take a photograph from the wedding ceremony. Put this photograph with the leaflet for 40 days into the bed.

If your husband left you, light candles from the church at home, put the leaflet on the table, put the photograph where there is an image of you both on the leaflet and say as follows, 'I join not two candles but two hearts: for piece, for love, - say your name and the name of your husband.' The candles should burn down to their base.

My leaflet increases potency as well. For men: it is necessary to put the leaflet on the pillow before sleep for 40 days whether it is going to be a sexual intercourse or not, and to read the text written there. After that, put the leaflet under the pillow. So little by little, you may feel yourself, manage your own body. For women: if your man sleeps at night and does nothing with you, put your leaflet under mattress and spur him to activity.

If you are not calm, if you are followed by permanent fear, if you do not sleep at night, if you are not confident in yourself, if your soul hurts, if you are sad, take the leaflet, fold it in four and put it on the solar plexus, on the place where your soul lives.

Most of you have children who study badly. Put my leaflet into child's school bag, into any textbook. Let it help in studying.

Thanks to my leaflet, most people ceased drinking. If you want to stop smoking, put open packs of cigarettes on the leaflet.

Due to the leaflet, it is possible to get yourself protected from energy vampires. There are many situations in life when a wife, a husband, or a mother-in-law takes your energy away. There are many situations when at work there is an employee near who everyone feels uncomfortable or unwell. Even flowers on the windowsill fade in her presence. But when she becomes ill or goes on leave, everything and everyone becomes lively. When she comes back to work, it happens as if she pulls, sucks out energy from others. In such situation, it is necessary to put seven leaflets under your mattress and to carry seven more leaflets with yourself.

Averter Talisman

It protects you from hoodoo, evil eye, black witchcraft, spells, damnations, envy, anger, hatred and revenge. My averter talisman should be carried in the inner left-side pocket near the heart with the image of the Fortune Wheel to the people with who you communicate, who you touch, and with the special sign which protects from hoodoo to the heart. When you go to work, to the market, to guests, always carry your talisman.

When you have guests at your home, when you communicate with people at work, in transport, in shops, in line (people are different, there is a lot of hatred and anger around) - by people's reaction to my averter talisman you can determine what kind of thoughts they have in your respect. If someone comes to your home, and such a person behaves in a calm way smiling and saying good words, and you feel comfortable in his/her presence, you may be sure that this person has never done and will never do you anything bad. But if someone acquainted to you always hugs you, and suddenly he/she is afraid to touch you, be aware: bad people act in this way. And when your guest starts inexplicably behaving in a strange way, when he/she falls on you and tries to take the averter back and tear it, be sure that this person has done you something bad, or is going to do so.

If in the course of conversation with you the person you are talking with starts drawing the glance aside, responding to you not to the point, feeling himself/herself uncomfortable like a lost soul, I can state with confidence that this person is bad with double nature who smiles to you but is ready to do something bad to you. This is a person who radiates black energy with respect to you. Try to communicate with such person as little as possible. Never and under no circumstances do not take revenge on such a person.

If you are languid, drowsy, if you do not want doing anything, if you feel no strengths, if you are depressed, if you sigh and weep permanently and without any reason, if you are always sleepy and you suffer from low blood pressure, you should look at the sign which protects from hoodoo and evil eye for ten minutes without break.

If on the contrary you are nervous, too sensitive, too excitable, cannot fall asleep and suffer from insomnia, if you are shivering all the time, if you are depressed and irritated all the time, if you are angry and nervous, if you say spiteful things and are not able to manage your emotions, you should look at the sign turned upside down which protects from hoodoo and evil eye for ten minutes.

The averter talisman serves not only as the means of protection from hoodoo, evil eye and witchcraft; it brings luck in work and business.

The owner of the averter talisman will never be affected by physical damage, accident or deceit made by bad people. Such person will never have floods and fires at home, swindlers will never break into his/her house.

Averter talisman is intended to make your most intimate desires (desires of something good only) come true.

My averter talisman should be owned by people whose job is connected with risks: drivers, miners, pilots, sailors, railroadmen, court and police officials.

The averter talisman attracts people of opposite sex as well. A man should carry it in a way so that 'T' on the Fortune Wheel be on the top, a woman should carry it in a way so that 'R' be on the top.

My averter talisman should be carried by teenagers of 12 to 15 years old so that they do not become criminals, idlers, or drug addicts after starting adult life, so that they have luck in all their deeds.

My averter talisman, the Fortune Wheel, owns hope. The person who carries the Fortune Wheel makes a magic ritual on his/her own. This ritual is aimed at receipt of deserved rewards, change to the better. The Fortune Wheel predicts turn for the better, lays the basis for success, points to the beginning of new favorable life. The Fortune Wheel means fate, luck, success, improvements, gain, profusion and happiness.


Most of you are seriously ill but are not able to determine the diagnosis. Many people visit doctors, and doctors are at a loss. Be aware that most of your diseases depend not on the fact that you have fallen ill but because of a hoodoo. Most of you have the hoodoo in our houses and apartments. It could have been placed stealthily, poured, or brought to the house as a present and put stealthily when you went to another room. This hoodoo is a reason of most of your diseases. To become healthy, you are to get rid of the hoodoo, neutralize it. But how to find it? You are to have my herbs for this purpose specially.

My herbs having 40 very powerful and ancient incantations can rescue from evil eye. If you burn my herbs in your home, it would point you to the object which became the reason of the hoodoo. These are objects presented or placed stealthily which have been carrying negative evil energy for years or even decades.

My herbs should be applied in the following manner. Place contents of the bag into the teaspoon before sleep and put the top layer on fire. The herbs will begin to smoke filling the air in your home with pleasant odor. It is necessary to go from one room to another carrying the spoon and fuming the house/apartment (rooms, barns, summer cottages, garages, wardrobes, night tables, pantries) for 10 to 15 minutes. It is necessary to pay specific attention to pillows and feather-beds.

If herbs go out in any place, or a small stream of smoke starts floating instead of flowing upwards, it means that evil forces reside near you. There is hoodoo here. It may be dried frogs, mice, snakes, grass, or ground from graves, funeral ribbons, funeral garlands, millet, oats, coins, crosses, hobble from dead people. It is necessary to pay peculiar attention to presents received from unknown or hardly known people, or from insincere friends or relatives.

If you find the object of the hoodoo, do not throw it in the dustbin - you should carry it to the crossroad and burn it there. You should say the following then, 'Where it has come from, there has it gone.' As an alternative, you may carry the hoodoo object under a dry bush or tree, to a dump, or to any other place where people and cars do not go. It is necessary to dig a hole in ground, put the hoodoo object there and burn it. If something remains unburnt, burry it under ground and say, 'Where it has come from, there has it gone.'

When is it necessary to fume the home? If you feel yourself at home worse than when you feel yourself in someone else's home, if you have quarrels without a reason, if you become more and more tired and irritated, if your house is situated in an unfavorable place (where the former cemetery was situated, in the crossroad or at the end of the street), if a hanged man, witch, sorceress or a seriously ill person (information about his/her illness left in the house) lived in your house, if there were many quarrels, scandals and fights in the house, it all has not disappeared in nowhere, all that settled on the walls, pans and plates, furniture. For example, in a day or two you have already made it up with your husband or son, when suddenly unfounded scandals appear again.

The place of the house, yard or apartment where the herbs stop smoking should be sprinkled with the water with incantation three to twenty one times depending on the fact how many witches took part in hoodoo, how strong their power is, and how many years passed from the moment when the hoodoo was made. The object over which the herbs won't smoke should also be sprinkled with the water with incantation.

If the herbs won't smoke in any place in someone's home, it means that either a house is situated in a bad place or the hoodoo made is very strong, and serious actions should be taken. In this case, it is necessary to clear the house/apartment gradually, room by room. Clean all windows and doors (pay peculiar attention to entrance doors) with the water with incantation. It is necessary to put candles (it is desirable to have candles with incense) in four corners of every room and sprinkle every room with the water with incantation. It is necessary to check the house/apartment with the herbs all the time. When the herbs start finally smoking, consecrate the house/apartment.

If it is necessary to check whether a person has a hoodoo, and he/she does not want to come to the meeting with me, it is necessary to fume such person with the herbs seven times counter-clockwise. If a small stream of smoke flows upwards, everything is all right, there is no hoodoo. But if the herbs stop smoking on the second or third circle, or if the smoke starts flowing downwards, it points at availability of the hoodoo.

When you feel that something is amiss at home, that you cannot rest at home, that you go home as if to penal servitude, it means that something is not all right there. It is necessary to fume the house/apartment with the herbs immediately. It is better to fume the home in the evening before sleep and to do it necessarily counter-clockwise. The smoke from the herbs will both clean and protect your house from witchcraft, anger, envy and revenge, and make you sleep calmly and calm down your nerves.

Everyone should be aware of properties of trees and plants which protect you from any bad luck and use them in your everyday life.

  1. Aloe stands for long life.
  2. Cyclamen protects from bad luck.
  3. Geranium possesses properties to absorb all poisonous substances, to clean air.
  4. Aspen keeps evil spirits off and protects from diseases.
  5. Willow gives love and good mood and temper.
  6. Elder stands for eagerness and diligence.
  7. Black mulberry brings luck and success.
  8. Fig tree saves from evil, and the leaves are used for fortune telling.
  9. Apple tree and laurel are the lightning protectors and attract people.
  10. Pine tree is used to determine the mystic number of a person which brings luck to him/her.
  11. Clover protects from witchcraft.
  12. Ash tree protects from witches.
  13. Mountain ash brings happiness to the house.
  14. Immortelle (strawflower) stands for long life.
Using the properties of these herbs improperly may lead to some negative results. At the individual meeting with everyone, I select the plant which will help this very person and his/her relatives to protect them from evil.

Sacral Oil

This is harmonious and harmonizing oil facilitating the process of overcoming crisis situations and awaking spirituality.

Ageing processes are most of all connected with intense oxidation of cell lipids when so called free radicals accumulate. This process may be slowed down using my sacral oil which is a natural antioxidant and strengthener of cell membranes. Due to this, oil gently cares for the skin, softens and regenerates it, removes dryness, exfoliated skin, increases its adaptogenic activity with respect to external factors, slows down ageing processes. It facilitates recovery of skin elasticity. It prevents from development of the vascular pattern on the skin and formation of cellulite. It has a powerful anticellulite effect. That is why my oil is a perfect product to care for bust (facilitates increase and retention of bust shape), waist and hips. It is well absorbed and prevents skin from negative effect of UV-rays. It is used for regeneration after sunburns. It has renewing and refreshing cosmetic effect. This property is used in case of atherosclerosis and for control over appetite and reducing excess weight.

Everyone has sex-associated smells but they are caught not in an equal manner by everyone. These sex smells have indirect effect, they are not perceived like smells of flowers or perfumes, though they influence subconsciousness. Male and female individual smells depend upon many reasons, though in general, they are associated with the peculiarities of hormonal and immune systems, and bacteria on the skin. This smell is as unique as finger prints. Considerably, it determines appeal of this or that person for us. When a man who used my sacral oil beforehand communicates with a woman, the incoming signals in the form of smell are transformed by his brain and lead to change of biological and chemical processes in his organism. Number of testosterone is increased in his organism. A woman having received the relevant backward signal in the form of smell and action current has the number of oestrogen increased even to a greater extent, and she becomes well-disposed to this man and open to his courting.

Since individual smell of a woman has a significant meaning in life, she is to take regular and proper care of having it pleasant and to use it skillfully. Therefore, this oil is aimed at elimination of influence of foreign factors which may prevent from overcoming problems of solitude.

Thus, sacral oil has an attractive aroma and powerful effect upon organs of sensuality. It is used to tempt men, overcome solitude, low spirits, and indecision. It helps to have the beloved come back. It increases sexual stimulation and solves sexual problems.

The oldest stage of life is often supported by bad mood, irritability, insomnia, failures at work, heart aches, unstable blood pressure, flows in head and fever sensations, or hyperhidrosis. Climacteric is developed this way - crisis of mature age. Sacral oil can help a woman to restore body balance in this uneasy period of life.

My oil is a very good product to use when menses are too ample or painful. Several days to the beginning of menstruation, women suffer from feeling of inflation, constipation, headaches, nausea. After that psychological problems join: irritability, tearfulness, groundless rage, susceptibility to depression. Most women suffer from severe pain before menstruation. Sacral oil is a good help in this period: it harmonizes mental and emotional state, stimulates functioning of endocrine glands and thereby normalizes hormonal balance.

My oil should be used in the period of pregnancy planning. It is a good opportunity to ease the state of a woman in the period of pregnancy and in the postnatal period (immune system of a future child strengthens; back aches, morning sickness and vomiting, stretches on the skin, brown spots on face, podedema, tooth aches reduce or disappear).

Permanent financial and emotional problems lead to stress. If not to balance negative emotions at the initial stage, worried state and nervousness will transfer into depression in some time. In this case, my oil provides convincing alternative of sedatives, antidepressants and other chemical preparations. It is used to cheer up, remove nervousness, relieve from insomnia and headaches, mental and physical fatigue, fear, anxiety, panic attacks, tearfulness. It is good for those who suffer from nightmares and fits of jealousy. It is used as preventive health care against catarrhal diseases, for strengthening of immune system.

Application: aromalamp, massage, bath, sauna, compress, in shampoo, on soap, clothes, handkerchief, napkin, pillow, as perfumes - by mild touch of the doser (bottle cap).

Healing Tea

Ingredients: stevia, echinacea. Recommended for application in case of regular catarrhal diseases. Has powerful effect on immune and nervous system, prevents development of cancer.

Echinacea (coneflower) has a positive effect in case of diseases of bronchopulmonary system; antritis, otitis; renal diseases and diseases of urogenital system; diseases of alimentary organs; disorders of functions of cardiovascular and nervous systems; poisonings with different aetiology.

Stevia is a unique plant, it is 300 times as sweet as usual sugar. Stevia, or honey plant, originates from Southern Africa. For a long time, export of this plant was strictly prohibited on penalty of severe punishment (even a capital punishment). It were only 80s of the 20th century when stevia got to the territory of former USSR. Though even at that time it was available for elite only. Based on the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of USSR, developments on its adaptation to our conditions were conducted under "confidential" mark in the system of military and industrial complex. Scientists' tasks included development of optimum health-improving food for astronauts, submariner, heads of state and army. 1986 stevia was brought to Crimea.

As a natural preservative, stevia has antiinfection and antifungal properties, facilitates excretion and excretion of metabolic products and salts of heavy metals from the body, has basic tonic effect, restores energy after nervous or physical exhaustion, provides organism with vital power and energy, slows down aging process; unlike artificial sweeteners, it does not influence memory. Stevia is an essential product for those suffering from insular diabetes (stimulates secretion of insulin). If it is insular diabetes or obesity, stevia's components participate in metabolism without insulin facilitating improvement of carbohydrate metabolism. Stevia helps to cure different dermal problems, including dermatitis and eczema. Stevia contains silicic acid which improves state of connective tissue, skin, hair coat and nails. Stevia is successfully used to cure seborrhea. Stevia prevents enamel from destruction.

Echinacea and stevia excrete rradioactive nuclides. Applied in case of obesity, endocrinous pathology, recommended in cases of acute and chronic diseases, infectious and septic diseases; in case of first symptoms of cold.

Application: one bag per one glass of boiling water. Extract for 15 to 20 minutes. Take one glass each time three to four times daily.

Slimming Elixir

This elixir is created on the basis of unique old analyzed properties of such plants as stevia, seaweeds, focus and pineapple.

Stevia syrup (umbrella leaf).

Stevia has no calories, though contains a complex of biologically active components regulating carbohydrate metabolism. Therefore, stevia is an essential food substance for people who suffer from excess weight.

Products containing stevia are a part of most reducing diets. Due to stevia, people with excess weight reduce weight on a permanent and secure basis without changing their regular way of life. They enjoy their meals. Stevia's mild diuretic action facilitates excretion and excretion of metabolic products and salts of heavy metals from the body. Stevia ensures body with wital power and energy and slows down aging processes. Unlike artificial sweeteners, it does not influence memory. For those who suffer from insular diabetes and obesity, stevia's components participate in metabolism without insulin facilitating improvement of carbohydrate metabolism.

Fucus extract (kelp from the White Sea).

Fucus (seaweed) is a natural 'fat burner'. It facilitates regulation of metabolism, functions of digestive system, excretion, including excretion of toxins, radioactive nuclides, and salts of heavy metals.

High content of laminarin and set of amino acids in fucus provide biological stimulating and renewing properties of the product. Unique nature of fucus is explained by the fact that its chemical composition is actually identical to composition of blood, plasma and tissues of human organism.

Pineapple extract is a source of bromeline.

Bromeline is fat-burning enzyme, powerful catalyst of major processes of carbohydrate and protein metabolism. It splits fat into water and glycerin. As a result of this, fat is excreted fron the body much faster than it happens in case of natural metabolism. It has a property to activate bowels functioning, to excrete metabolic products and toxic substances, to support content of gut organisms whereas stimulating metabolism. Pineapple extract makes your organism burn fats instead of fat accumulation. It is worth mentioning that bromeline-based fat burner effects organism in a mild and gradual manner.

Application: three to five drops into a cup of tea or water, three to four times daily. To have better results, it is recommended to drink such tea or water 30 minutes before meals or hour and a half after meals.

My Summary

Experience shows that there are no unhappy people - there are lazy people only. If a person strives for something, he/she may achieve it. But do not forget that not the hoodoo only is the reason of all our bad luck and misfortune. The way we behave ourselves in our life, the way we treat other people, so will we be rewarded. Moreover, if you often boast of your success, children, husband or grandchildren in front of other people, you will have many envious people, close to you people will be bedeviled, and you will be damned. Do not tell anyone about your family problems. Without knowing your weaknesses and disadvantages, it will be not so easy for them to tempt your wife or husband, and it will be easier for you to save your family, and you will be not so open to harm. Try to see in everything the good only because your spiritual life and physical life are closely connected. Those ones who are often angry and abuse other people suffer from stomach problems. Do not be a scum, and you will not have an ulcer. Keep in mind that you may not only hurt a person both by glance and by word but to kill him/her as well. Therefore, it is necessary to start from yourself, from your own soul.

I want very much you to become a bit kinder, healthier, more conscientious, cleaner, and happier after visiting me.

My dear, there may be certain moments in our lives when all the colors fade, and we stay at the edge of precipice and are afraid of falling down into this precipice. But when the continuous black bar comes, and there in no light ray, we are at a loss, we recall our mother, the woman who gave us birth, who remembers us and asks the God about the single thing - to give health and happiness to her child. If you have not seen your mother for a long time, visit her, write her a letter, call her and say, 'Mum, I'm alive and healthy. I love you, mum.' If you live not far from each other, in one house, come to her, and tell her that you love her and that you are thankful to her for everything she has done for you. Tell about that today - it may be late tomorrow. If your mother died, visit her grave.


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