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¬The entire surface of human body is covered with skin (the area of the body surface of an adult person is about 20000 cm2). This organ is important for the body and has very complicated structure. The most important function of skin is defense of human internal organs from the harmful affects of environment - bruises, cuts, injures, pressure, radiation field (including harmful radioactive rays) and microbe penetration. Skin performs cleaning function, which is similar to the function of kidneys -eliminates urea and ammonia out of the human body. The skin supports the breathing function of your body and performs about 20% of body respiratory metabolism. The skin evolves carbon dioxide and absorbs oxygen. The skin plays important role as our receptor and thermo regulator. The important thing for the whole body is the ability of skin to absorb and transmit into the blood flow different substances dissolved in water and fats.

The appearance and condition of skin depends on age, condition of the whole body, feeding, external factors and genetic factors. To have normal skin, which performs its functions correctly, you have to care about your skin. First of all, you have to keep the skin clean. The most simple way of cleaning your skin is washing it with water, yet in the process of interaction with water the skin gets dry, though it may sound strange. This happens because moisture inside the skin penetrates through the defensive membrane of epidermis, aiming to join the water surrounding the body. The cleaning and dewatering effect of water increases greatly when using soap. Soap is the combination of the basis and fats. The macerative (softening and watering) effect of soap depends on the content of the basis. Despite of the valuable cleaning ability of soap, the skin can hardly endure "simple soap", after using of which the acid balance of skin can have disorders; the skin becomes dehydrated and too sensitive.

Unlike "simple" soap - we would like to suggest you prophylactic hygienic body care soap, which is unique in its components and effect and can be used to take care of all types of skin. It has strongly pronounced prophylactic and health care effect, and does not have negative influence like those after using "simple" soap. Our prophylactic hygienic body care soap will help you to keep in good health and protect you from health problems. The complex of biological active substances, which is included into the structure of prophylactic hygienic body care soap has a wide range of application and causes the following effects:

  • Dissolves quickly in the water with different level of hardness;
  • Gives stable foam solution
  • Eliminates quickly by rinsing
  • Cleans any types of skin without dehydration and dry skin effect
  • Does not influence normal skin acid level balance (pH 5,5)
  • Feeds your skin with biologically active substances and biogenetic stimulators
  • Makes a positive effect on your cardiovascular, nervous and muscle system
  • Makes a positive effect on your respiratory system and locomotorium.
  • Makes a positive effect on formation of antibodies by skin cells - antibodies protect human body from allergens
  • Promotes eliminating radio nuclides and toxins out of the human body
  • Decreases the level of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood flow
  • Promotes skin regeneration
  • Makes bacteriostatic effect

Composition: basis of glycerin soap; extracts: honey stevia, birch fungus, essential oils: mint oil, lavender oil, fir oil, maize oil, castor-bean oil; Tinctura Calendulae, Tinctura Echinacea, Tinctura Propolisum; white-blue clay, bee wax, birch oil.

Does not contain genetically modified objects (GMO) and substances harmful for health.

Mechanism of effect: the effect of prophylactic hygienic body care soap is achieved due to the specific properties of its components. In the process of soaping the foam is formed on the suffuse and the process of scission of the prophylactic hygienic body care soap occurs. As a result fat acids, alkali and other substances, containing in its structure are evolved. The substances, containing in the foam, make a leavening action on the upper epidermis layer, envelop the parts of fat layer (skin fat) and various types of skin dirt; dissolve sweat (which is easily eliminated by rinsing along with water) - thus, it clears skin and frees the run-out channels of skin glands. The substances of the foam form a protective layer on the skin surface, the acid mantle with pH 5,5. These substances improve peripheral blood circulation, has anti-inflammatory, smoothing and tonic effect, promotes exchange processes, feed the skin and restore skin elasticity. The effect of components of prophylactic hygienic body care soap increased due to the font created by clay (healing 8-meter static view, equal to those produced by normal cells of our body).

Indications: The components of body care soap are widely used in treatment of skin diseases. It has positive effect on psoriatic skin, dermatitis, furunculosis, and mycosis (including barn itch and epidermophitia), herpes, erysipilatous skin diseases, allergic urticaria, skin itching, baldness. Also you may use it for daily body care.

Contra-indications: extra sensitive skin to the components of soap

Application: if you have problem skin, please consult your doctor before use of this prophylactic hygienic body care soap! It is enough to use the soap twice a day for daily body care if your skin is normal. Take warm shower before usage and rinse the body with water. Then oil the spots of the body with slight movements and triturate with palm. Triturate the limbs in the direction towards yourself and opposite; as for the other parts of the body, you can triturate in any direction, after that do stretching movements. It is especially comfortable for your legs. Catch the muscle group with your fingers and move the fingers in turn along the limb. Stretch the square body muscles and joints with circle movements of pinched thumbs or with the part of your palm, nearer to your wrist.

Another method is effleurage. Do it quickly with the tips of your fingers (on the back - with the edge of your palm) or with your fists (in the area where a large muscle group is located) Repeat the triturating but the massage movements now can be directed to the heart, for example on your leg - from your fingers to your hip. Repeat each method 5-10 times. Continue the procedure for 8-12 min.

  • If you use our prophylactic hygienic body care soap for taking care of your hair, make head auto massage. Triturate your head skin with circle movements of finger cushion. Begin from the forehead, and then move the hands slowly to the nape and neck.
  • You can use our prophylactic hygienic body care soap for daily washing.
  • Make auto-massage of the face while washing. Don't rub your skin making auto-massage.
  • Don't rub the face when drying the face.
  • Don't forget to dry the skin between your toes.

Expire date: 12 months.

Storage: Keep in dry place protected from light at t = +5+10oC and relative humidity not more than 70%

Produced by:

Private enterprise "Nova Generaciya", phone: 050-154-42-59 email:

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2, O.Koshevogo Street, Borispol, Kyiv region, Ukraine

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