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Many people ask, 'What kind of sensation is it - a wonder leaflet that saves people and cures from numerous diseases?' You can find answers to most questions here. Declaration Useful Model Patent UA 14800 MPK (2006) A61H 7/00, A61M 21/00

What Does Health Mean?

It means harmony with nature and yourself. If a human being keeps away from nature, or ceases to listen to its body, then it becomes unprotected from diseases of soul and body.

There are diseases caused by old age, by any other certain reasons, but most of your diseases are caused by people. Like there are black and white, night and day on the Earth, so do good and evil exist. Since the world exists, good and evil, love and hatred, good health and disease are always side by side. There are diseases which we get by ourselves due to improper food, hard and exhausting work. Unfavorable ecology, radiation and hard drinking have a great impact as well. Though there are diseases and misfortunes, failures, bad luck, family conflicts, quarrels, hostility and animosity which appear from clots of black negative energy, from anger, envy, and curses.

Mechanism of Action

Use of unique by its nature combination of color spectrum together with the statements of the test:

"Can't leave
the past,
Tear the tread
All that was
good there
I would like to

with which a person cannot disagree gives opportunity of awakening and realization of own parapsychological skills which are possessed to a greater or lesser extent practically by every person. Therefore, a person may on his own solve certain important tasks for him which concern mental and physical health, success in career, private life, abandoned bad habits, transfer of information at a distance, influencing other people directly or at a distance.

Experts' Opinion

According to the summary made by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the State Department of Intellectual Property, the Planet Leaflet refers to medicine, psychology and

parapsychology, and it may be used for non-drug treatment and as a preventive health care with respect to diseases with different status, emotional and psychosomatic disorders, and for achieving mental harmony.

The result is achieved by optimum use of mental and physical reserves of the body with the ultimate effectiveness and in the shortest period of time without use of any medicinal preparations.

At the same time, human inner abilities are activated that allows without expert's intervention harmonization of functioning of the nervous system with regard to acceptance and processing of information.

Use of Planet Leaflet finally leads a person to a state of stable psychological adaptation and termination of vegetative disorders. Use of Planet Leaflet for people who suffer from severe somatic diseases will lead to improved effective drug treatment except for the results mentioned above.

I have undergone two strokes, taken 20 tablets a day. With the Planet Leaflet I take little medicine, and I feel myself much better.
Alexey, Kharkiv
I have undergone an infarction, the pressure was unstable. I have bought the Planet Leaflet. Headaches disappeared at once. The pressure became normal in a week.
V. Koschavka, Odesa
I suffered from asthma, back aches, dyspnea, my arms and legs ached, especially before weather changes. Thanks for your leaflet - nothing disturbs me any longer. This is a truly wonder leaflet.
L. Ferkel
I have used the Planet Leaflet at home for 40 days. Due to it, I did manage to get married. I am 39. I had no hopes at all. And now no one will persuade me that it has no effect.
Nina, Simferopol
I have used the Planet Leaflet for three weeks. My hair stopped falling out, I started sleeping and eating in a normal way. My legs do not ache any more. I got rid of stomach ulcer.
A. Pikula, Kyiv
I have used the Planet Leaflet for 40 days as it is said in the instruction. I will honestly say it really brings to senses. I stopped drinking, thrown my cigarettes away. I do not spend money on slot machines.
Yuriy, Kerch
The Planet Leaflet had such an effect upon me that I succed in many things now. I become confident in myself, I have found a good job. In short, success came.
Nataliya, Poltava
I am a qualified medical psychologist. I have learnt about new invention, the Planet Leaflet. I liked the very idea how it works. I have bought a permit from the
patent owners, and I use the Planet Leaflet successfully in my practice now: overcoming of misfortunes, life crisis and problems, getting rid of alcohol addiction and other bad habits, help in private and family issues, solving sexual problems and other vital issues. A person is born without all these problems. And in the course of life, problems come to him. The Planet Leaflet returns to the state of primogeniture, clearness, love and health.
K. Konstantynov, Lviv

I was left by my husband. Two children remained with me. It was very difficult and I was disappointed very much. I looked at myself in the mirror and asked myself, 'am I really so bad. My charm still remains. And my husband used to say earlier that I was his small miracle because he married me when I was 18.' So, after putting children to bed, I used to stand in front of a mirror, look at myself and think, 'How would it be nice to return my youth.' And that is all a fantasy and nothing more.

I have read in the newspaper that Kononenko the healer receives people in Yevpatoria in the City Theatre. I have made up my mind and gone to him. Let me describe everything in detail. He made me sit down on the chair. He gave me the Planet Leaflet. I looked at the Leaflet, I was at once impressed by the combination of colors, I was dazzled, I wanted to look at every millimeter of the Leaflet. I recalled my childhood at once, my teenager years then, my youth, my first kiss, man's petting, I was returned to somewhere in the past, to the good. The healer told not to concentrate on one point of the Leaflet, and I tried to look at the Leaflet as a whole. Suddenly, I heard music. No, it wasn't music, it were birds singing, leaves rustling, wind blowing. I was carried completely to another very pleasant world of happiness and love. I saw rays of the rising sun. This sun was the love itself. These tender rays started penetrating into me, and all my body lighted up from inside with golden light of joy and love. I felt how my new blood enriched with healing substances and carrying vital power of sun rays started flowing in my vessels. Small golden balls were flowing with this blood, these small balls bumped into one another in the flow, and they made up a single golden ball. This ball started moving in my body. It swept across my face first, and my face became clearer and radiant from inside. The golden ball went down, and it warmed my heart, my liver and internal organs. I felt how my body was saturated with golden light. It became as beloved as earlier, clear, clean and light.

And suddenly I heard the healer's voice, 'This is my Planet Leaflet. It works in this manner because it is intended to bring love and help.'

I met a real gentleman soon. I am beloved, young and beautiful for him. This is all due to the wonder Planet Leaflet. Thank it.

Olya Chervonaya, Sevastopol

This is a sensational invention. It is enough to use the Planet Leaflet for several days, and you will be able to stabilize your life on your own.

Kostiantyn Kononenko,
phytotherapist, medical psychologist,
parapsychologist, master of psychology,
doctor of philosophy, academician,
director of the Institute of Parapsychology
"Nova Generaciya"


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