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Oberig-talisman"(oberigaty-to protect)

The health-giving model belongs to the field of medicine,psychology and parapsychology. It has qualities of power-information action on the man and can be used as "oberig -talisman" in the everyday life for protection and help to the person.

The works of V.Ya.Vernadskiy showed, that"…the law of gravity and general informative interaction is the basis of existence of Universe".According to this law every living thing is the sole informative system in which all the elements act reciprocally.The man is a higher form of informative space on Earth. The each of organised substance has the biofield and carries in itself all the information about its state. An organism is a sourse of very weak electromagnetic vibrations. These vibrations are called physiological or harmonious.They are incident to the healthy organism. If the man falls ill or the function of his organs is broken, the sources of new, pathological vibrations appear in human organism.Exactly these vibrations upset a balance of physiology. If the organism cannot support the balance between physiological and pathological vibrations the illness begins to develop.

Overwhelming majority of electronic, radioengineering and electrotechnical devices is the sourse of electromagnetic radiation, which has negative influence over the organism of the person. The geopathogenic zones are the source of harmful power- information fields for people as well. The long-term stay of the person in the geopathogenic zone has an unfavourable influence on his (her) health, causes fast fatigue and soon can lead to the emergence of different serious diseases.

There are known some means of protection of the person from electromagnetic radiation. These are the electromagnetic screens-absorbers, which are mounted inside or outside of the electrotechnical or radioengineering devices, for example, LWF stoves,cases of computers,videoterminals,etc. So, in (the patent of the USA ¹5103231,MPK6 H01Q17/00, published 04.04 1992) it is described the absorber of electromagnetic waves, which is obtained from a mix which structure includes a ferrite powder, a metal fibre, forming material and a pitch. In the material there are resonant emptinesses in accordance with frequency and length of electromagnetic waves. The external surface of the absorber has the electroconductive filtering plate.

Unfortunately, this device cannot be used as individual means for constant carrying and protection of the person from harmful influence of geophogenic zones.

There is also the means of protection of the person from negative influence of videoterminals. It contains neutralizing element, made of two placed in each other concentric cylinders of identical light,and the smaller cylinder has a diameter, which is larger than a half of its height. The space between cylinders is filled with polymer.(The patent of Ukraine ¹18009,MPK6H01J29/06, published 31.10.1997).

This device is also unfit for a constant individual protection of bioobject from injurious power-information fields.

For the nearest analogue it was taken ritual-symbolical talisman,that includes one guard-stone (oberig), fixed on the person to whom this guard-stone (oberig) belongs and the name of a stone.As the image the basis contains pictures or pictograms, symbols or symbolical signs which have power-information influence on the person,who carries afore-mentioned name.(The patent of Ukraine, ¹5513,MPK6 G97 5/00,A44 C 25/00, published 15.03.2005)

The shortcoming of this prototype is individual orientation of the ritual-symbolical talisman on the concrete person depending on his(her) personality,specifically on its name,thus above-mentioned talisman does not have positive influence on other person or a group of people.

Our purpose was to create the means of protection and help to the person of the simplified design which would be suitable for constant using and would have positive influence upon any person or a group of people.

We have created means of protection and the help to the person"oberig-talisman". This is a cardboard double-sided card measuring 6*9 sm, from one side of which there is the image of Wheel of Fortune from the card Taro ¹10,and from the other side there is the image of Sign of Happiness (three interknitted equilateral triangles).The Sign of Happiness is engraved on the metallic foil made of iron, which was processed by means of bees-wax and action of power-information gathering (medicinal herbs).

The total combination of components of this given means allows to create means of protection and the help to the person by action of power-information substance of this means.So,this means is light and convenient for constant carrying and also can interact with any person or a group of people.

Orientations of means:
  1. Protection from harmful electromagnetic radiation and action of power-information sources.
  2. Stabilization of work of separate organs and systems of a human organism.
  3. Relief of overcoming of crisis situations by transferring of vital problems on "oberig-talisman".
  4. Awakening of reserve opportunities of the person.

The foregoing means consists of four components: the image of card Taro ¹10 (the Wheel of Fortune), the picture of Sign of Happiness, the iron plate (foil) and wax.

The Wheel of Fortune (a piece of luck) symbolizes eternal changes, constant formation and destruction, changeability of happiness and adversity.It is considered that the card is the symbol of progress and it is not given by gift.The card can mean an unexpected smile of destiny, but it is necessary to remember that rotation of the wheel supposes the continuous round of things and events.The wheel can be compared to a rose in the western and a lotus in oriental mystical tradition.The world unrolls as the petals of a flower.The wheel is the symbol of movement.The Universe begins to unroll from the centre(rays that go out from the centre to periphery).The wheel is also the symbol of fertility (for example, an equilateral cross inscribed into a circle).There are some figures on the wheel. They are Sphinx, Anubis and Tiphon. The Sphinx personifies intellect and clearness representing the balance of four Cherubus according to four Elements.Anubis who goes up the wheel represents fire,energy. Tiphon who slips down the wheel personifies destructive power. Traditionally the Wheel of Fortune is connected with the favourable period for the beginning of new projects.

The image of Sign of Happiness comes of the oriental mythology. This sign consists of three isosceles triangles with a slit inside. This is the sign of overcoming and completion of the difficult affairs. The inscribed in each other triangles are the symbols of the decision of heavy vital and psychological problems, the assistants in the termination of these problems.

Wax is one of the most simple and accessible carriers of power-information. In our means we use the unique ability of wax to write down and give back those electromagnetic waves (or power-information),which were fixed during the fusing of wax.During processing of iron plate by wax it was used power-information gathering (medicinal herbs) for harmonization of person?s condition,which served as power-information substance that transferred the positive information to wax. It considerably helps to carry out the correction of power and psychological resourses of the person, bring the organism into a healthy state, creating preconditions for its improvement. Some objects can influence a human organism and so,thus the state of health of the person.The things made of iron have such a quality to influence the human organism.

Iron "frightens off"evel spirits and has curative properties. The Slavs put iron under a threshold, under a bed of woman in childbirth and in a baby's cradle.In Finland the field was considered released from witches if in the ground were driven three sharp iron stakes. In order to not suffer from an evil eye people in the south of France going by witches closed their hands over any iron object. A number of things made of iron has stronger protection effect than metal by itself. These are a dagger, an axe, a sickle a lock, a nail, a needle and keys. The keys were widely used as an amulet by Etruscans and old Equptians. Suspecting somethings bad, they started to jingle with keys. One of the most widespread amuletes from wasting disease and sorcery is a horseshoe.Iron is also used in this amulet just a thin iron plate (foil).For strengthening of qualities of iron we processed a foil by wax and power-information gathering (medicinal herbs).(The patent of Ukraine ¹13413,MPK6 A61H39/00,A61M21/00,A61L9/00,A61B5/16,published 15.03.2006.Bulletin¹3). There is also engraved Sign of Happiness on this foil (three interknitted isosceles triangles).

Our means has recommended itself well at stabilization of work of some organs and systems of organs of a human organism. At the dynamic disturbances of work of any organ or the whole system of organs "oberig - talisman" raises or lowers function of work of separate organ or separate system of organs by means of electromagnetic oscillations through electromagnetic field of the person. This means is also applied for psychological support, for confidence, that having "oberig - talisman" the person is reliably protected from harmful action of environment. The brain of the person doesn't use all its potential during its life, so the opportunities in the decision of vital questions are used not completely. Through electromagnetic vibrations of the person "oberig- talisman" strengthens a threshhold of senssitivity of human's organs of sensation. It can evoke the phenomena of clairvoyance and telepathy which promote the overcoming of various vital problems.

There were held the experimental clinical researches in order to study the protective properties of the given means. There were examined 20 persons with different diseases such as vegetative vascular dysfunction,hypertension,neurologic frustration.

All the patients at the beginning of research were surveyed by means of such methods as general clinical laboratory analyses, electrocardiogram(ECG), electroencephalogram(EEG). For electrocardiographical indices,14 patients had disturbanses in functioning of the heart and 8 persons had changes in EEG.

After using our "oberig-talisman" there was fixed the improvement of indices of ECG at 10 patients and normalization of indices of EEG at all 8 patients.

The results of tests of means show, that it doesn't only protect the person, but also normalize the function of organs and systems. Besides the means is convenient in operation, economic and doesn't have negative influence on people,who use it.

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