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Many people ask, 'What kind of super oil is it which attracts happiness, overcomes solitude, suspends ageing process and reflect any negative influence?' You can find answers to most questions here.
Declaration Useful Model Patent UA 16881 MPK (2006) A61K 9/133, A61K 36/752

What Does Health Mean?

It means harmony with nature and yourself. If a human being keeps away from nature, or ceases to listen to its body, then it becomes unprotected from diseases of soul and body.

There are diseases caused by old age, by any other certain reasons, but most of your diseases are caused by people. Like there are black and white, night and day on the Earth, so do good and evil exist. Since the world exists, good and evil, love and hatred, good health and disease are always side by side. There are diseases which we get by ourselves due to improper food, hard and exhausting work. Unfavorable ecology, radiation and hard drinking have a great impact as well. Though there are diseases and misfortunes, failures, bad luck, family conflicts, quarrels, hostility and animosity which appear from clots of black negative energy, from anger, envy, and curses.

Mechanism of Action

The task to create the product which would have a natural origin and additional energy and information load was set as a basis. The task is solved by the fact that Sacral Oil created contains orange oil and black flint added in the process of hydrodistillation of already made orange oil in certain ratio. In this case, flint serves as an information and energy matrix which clarifies and activates water. It gives the possibility of awakening and implementation of own reserves not used in everyday life, human hidden abilities. And a person may individually solve certain important tasks concerning his/her mental and physical health, career success, his/her private life, abandoned bad habits, transmission of information at a distance, influencing other people directly or at a distance.

Experts' Opinion

According to the summary made by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the State Department of Intellectual Property, Sacral Oil refers to medicine, psychology and parapsychology, and it may be used for harmonization of mental and emotional, functional and physiological state, treatment of functional disorders of organs and systems, overcoming crisis

situations, improvement of well-being, elimination of negative environmental influences, stimulation of spirituality.

It is applied:

- To cheer up, relieve from nervousness; against insomnia and headaches, mental and physical fatigue, anxiety, fear, panic attacks, tearfulness; for those who suffer from nightmares and jealousy attacks;

- To control appetite and reduce overweight; to increase and maintain bust shape; possesses powerful anticellulite effect; has renewing and refreshing cosmetic effect;

- Has an attractive aroma and powerful effect upon sense organs; to tempt men; to overcome solitude, low spirits, indecision; helps to return the beloved; increases sexual stimulation and solves problems connected with sexual life;

- In case when menses are too ample or painful; in the period of pregnancy planning; it is a good opportunity to ease the state of a woman in the period of pregnancy and in the postnatal period (immune system of a future child strengthens; back aches, morning sickness and vomiting, heartburn, aching in mammary glands, constipations, insomnia, anxiety, stretches on the skin, brown spots on face, podedema, tooth aches reduce or disappear).

- To prevent ageing processes in the body; in the climacteric period; in case of senile weakening of memory and distraction;

- It is used as preventive health care against catarrhal diseases, for strengthening of immune system.


Aromalamp, massage, bath, sauna, compress, in shampoo, on soap, clothes, handkerchief, napkin, pillow, as perfumes - by mild touch of the doser (bottle cap).
I have entered the most mature life phase which is followed by low spirits, irritation, insomnia, heartaches, increased pressure, flows in head, fever sensations, hyperhidrosis. It is climacteric. Sacral Oil has helped me to restore body balance in such an uneasy period in my life. I feel myself wonderful now!
Nadiya Zamula, Kyiv
I suffered from ample and painful menstruation. Several days prior the beginning of menstruation, feeling of inflation, constipation, headaches, and nausea appeared. After that irritability, tearfulness, groundless rage, and depression followed. Due to Sacral Oil which stimulates functioning of endocrine glands and thereby normalizes hormonal balance, I have got rid of these awful troubles.
Svitlana, Uzhgorod
I used Sacral Oil in the period of pregnancy planning, in the period of pregnancy and in morning sickness, heartburn,

aching in mammary glands, constipations, insomnia, and anxiety disappeared completely. I do not know what are the stretches on the skin, brown spots on face, podedema, tooth aches. And as our doctor said, the kid was born with a good immune system.
Liuba, Simferopol
Sacral oil was given to me by Tatyana the fortune-teller. Thank you very much that you have helped me to unite my family, returned my husband who had left me. It is all right now, I am very happy. I continue using Sacral Oil. It's super!
Aliona, Yalta
I, Svitlana from Kyiv, am very thankful to Kostiantyn Kononenko who gave me Sacral Oil. Up to this time, I was alone for 36 years. Sacral Oil helped me to find my couple. In a month, I met my Sergiy.
Svitlana, Kyiv
I have used the Sacral Oil as it is said in the instruction. I will honestly say it really brings to senses. I stopped drinking, thrown my cigarettes away. I do not spend money on slot machines. In short, success came.
Yuriy, Kerch
I am a candidate of medical sciences. I am qualified in aromatherapy (essential oils). I would like to express my point of view with respect to Sacral Oil.

Everyone has sex-associated smells but they are caught not in an equal manner by everyone. These sex smells have indirect effect, they are not perceived like smells of flowers or perfumes, though they influence subconsciousness. Male and female individual smells depend upon many reasons, though in general, they are associated with the peculiarities of hormonal and immune systems, and bacteria on the skin. This smell is also as unique as finger prints. Considerably, it determines appeal of this or that person for us. When a man who used my sacral oil beforehand communicates with a woman, the incoming signals in the form of smell are transformed by his brain and lead to change of biological and chemical processes in his organism. Number of testosterone is increased in his organism. A woman having received the relevant backward signal in the form of smell and action current has the number of oestrogen increased even to a greater extent, and she becomes well-disposed to this man and open to his courting.

Thus, Sacral Oil has an attractive aroma and powerful effect upon organs of sensuality. It may be used to tempt men, overcome solitude, low spirits, and indecision, increase sexual stimulation and solve problems connected with sexual life.

I widely use Sacral Oil in my medical practice, and patients have good results.

A.N. Yermolayev, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Mankind has closely approached the issues of recomprehension of methods of treatment and solution of vital problems. Sacral Oil is a challenge, courageous and true step in solving these tasks.

Kostiantyn Kononenko,
hytotherapist, medical psychologist,
parapsychologist, master of psychology,
doctor of philosophy, academician,
director of the Institute of Parapsychology
"Nova Generaciya"

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