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The energo-informational collection for harmonisation of human state

The energo-informational collection for harmonisation of psycho-emotional, functional and physiological human state includes the following components: hypericum, and peppermint that had been subject to energo-informational processing. At that, such natural stones as agate, aquamarine, pearls, moonstone, obsidian, opal, ruby, topaz and chalcedony are used as an energo-informational matrix.

The useful model belongs to the medicine and parapsychology and can be used for elimination of negative energy, well-being/health improvement, removal of negative environmental effects and stress overcoming. It can be used either at home or in public places, i.e. kindergartens, schools, enterprises, ambulatory and hospital and medicinal establishments.

The famous "Way of life-supporting air environment formation that improves biological objects' vital activity and the system for its performance" [U 22710, 61L9/00, publ. "" 3, 1998] consist in a single room aromatic plants growing. These plants fill the air with an aromatic matter. Then, the air is delivered to a room with patients. This way allows affecting biological objects with aromatic substances of different plants. At this, the air is driven through the room where different by their aromatic characteristics plants are grown. However, to embody this way through the necessary air formation, the creation of a complicated technical system is needed, which is practically and economically unreasonable for individual use.

The "Way of air aromatisation" [a.s. USSR 1775119, 61L9/00, publ. bul. 42, 1992] consists in the application of aromatic matter over a spoon, which is located in a vessel/container with the warmed water. The aromatic matter consisting of essential oils then evaporates. This way is used for aromatisation of rooms but does not solve the issue of individual selection of psycho-therapeutic scents of essential oils for each patient.

The well-known "Way of psychological relief during treatment of foster-mothers' secondary oligogalactia" [p. U 20244, 615/16, publ. "" 1, 1998] consists in using of non-medicinal (psychological, musical, aromatic) means for affecting the psycho-emotional system of patients. Patients are treated with aromatic aerosols of different herbs collected in relation to the season and subject of treatment. This way is used as a psycho-therapeutic means as it influences the hypothalamic-pituitary system. This, however, does not take into account the individual properties of each patient during the formation of aerosol content of different herbs. The using of herbs, besides, does not give an opportunity to obtain a necessary concentration of aromatic particulates in the air making it doubtful to provide a highly efficient treatment.

The well-known "Way of Kodlubov harmonisation of psycho-emotional, functional and physiological state of a biological object with scents" [U35138 Date of publication 15.03.2001, bulletin No: 2] consists in using non-medicinal means for affecting a nose. According to the invention, the means are selected of essential oils of galenicals individually for each biological object with regard to his physical and psychological health, character features, temper and personality features. The disadvantage is in difficulties of biological components selection and absence of informational strain on them. Otherwise, it would allow the energy normalizing and neutralizing the negative environmental effects.

The useful model is based on the task of creation a means of natural origin which would have an additional energetic strain due to the energo-informational processing using natural stones as the informational matrix.

This task is solved by us as we have developed the collection named "Herb for dwelling fumigation" (HDF). "HDF" is the collection of such plants as hypericum, and peppermint. This is the means of a new generation created based on energo-informational plant processing. The following natural stones are used as the energo-informational matrix: agate, aquamarine, pearls, moonstone, obsidian, opal, ruby, topaz and chalcedony. This allows us to obtain a very steady energo-informational substance.

    The aim (direction) of the proposed collection:
  1. Detection and elimination of negative energy and information.
  2. Conversion of negative energy and information into neutral.
  3. Strengthening of neutral energy and information in positive direction.

Each component plant of the proposed collection is subject to energo-informational processing through the physical interaction of stones and plants. At this, each plant has its corresponding stones.

Hypericum perforatum. Informal names: John's-wood, John's-wort, Saint-John's-wort. Chemical composition: tannic substances (10-12%), flavonoids saponins, colouring matter, essential oil (0.2-0.3%), resinous substances (17%), carotene, and ascorbic acid.

Hypericum belongs to the sunny herbs which give the feeling of future to the internal I and help to reach a goal faster. They treat the men's right eye and the women's left one, and have a positive impact on dorsum. These herbs are very useful for those who have problems with their own image/character and suffer the fear of public. Such herbs can help to gain a self-confidence needed for reaching a goal. These plants are recommended for those who have frequent depressions, inferiority complex and intimidations related to environment.

Opal, agate, ruby and obsidian serve as the energo-informational matrix for hypericum.

The word "opal" originated from Sanskrit's "upav", which means "stone". Since ancient times opal is considered as a magic stone. Owing to its ability of inspiring hopes opal is useful for those who suffer the suicide mania and relapse often into melancholy. The stone is kind to those people who live in the world of their own dreams but do not try to feel them. When opal travels it distributes the things brought aside by corresponding places in the Universe. It is able to make a person work right from the beginning of his search for exit from a deadlock situation. Opal is a "second head" for anybody. Since long time, opal has been considered by European peoples as a symbol of trust, happiness, hope and sympathy.

Agate originates from the Sicilian Agates-river. In Ancient Egypt, agate was used for production of mascots and amulets from prostration. As a mascot, it provides success for those who are interested in a fertile harvest. This stone also brought a good luck to those who were involved in animal production. This is a mascot of true fair workers. Agate gives rise to love, lightens the wrench of saying goodbye, reveals a deception, clarifies implicit thoughts of other people, and saves from poison including a snake poison. One of its properties is a vision improvement. For the treatment, carrying of an agate necklace is recommended in cases of continuous cough, throat and teeth diseases. In a case of gout, agate is carried as a bracelet. Besides, this stone prevents cramps. Agate establishes a very thin wave of world perception and, thus, scours a clairvoyance channel.

Ruby owes its name to a word "ruber" which is in Latin for a "red". Ruby was of a great value in the East where it was worth more even than diamond. Eastern peoples supposed that its main mystic property was to generate aspiration for something great and heroic as well as warn against a danger by changing colour, save from lowest spirits and wicked powers and sorcery. Ruby is a stone that squires power and might.

It is often used as a symbol of impassioned and ardent love. Ancient people thought that ruby gives its owner the power of a lion, brave of an eagle and wisdom of a snake as well as it promotes passion and love fascination. According to some superstitions, this stone is able to stop bleeding, improve the memory, promote the merriment and courage, and infuse with the brave. To hypochondriacs and melancholic persons it gives energy that takes off the fear and discretion at communication; its glance and beauty make them more confident. Ruby is useful for the people with a low blood pressure.

Obsidian is a natural glass that is created in result of lava quick cooling. This is a magic stone. Magicians used it for the concentration of power and overcoming subordinating of elemental astral powers. Bulbs of black obsidian are very powerful during the meditation. The aim of black obsidian is to guide us with the light through the dark places of ourselves, penetrate into the uncertainty and open the omniscience. Black obsidian puts the spiritual features into a body and cleans everything that has low vibrations. It is good for using by slack, hyperthyroid, somnolent and visionary people. This stone can help to reveal the truth inside of each person as well as in the whole Universe whose lively components we are.

Peppermint (Mentha piperita). Chemical composition: essential oil (2.75%), terpenoids flavonoids, ursolic and oleanolic acids, betaine, carotene, tannic substances, and microelements (copper, manganese and others). The medicinal use of peppermint leafs and drugs is predetermined by the presence of menthol that has, antispasmodic, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of deodorizing and freshening. Menthol is good for outer use as an anaesthetic means. Mint oil improves appetite, decreases hiccup and fosters salivation. Since ancient times peppermint is used in healthful and abstersive actions and ceremonies; its presence increases positive vibrations. The scent of mint has a drowsy effect, and the mint put under a pillow can evoke prophetic dreams. Mint is used to be smeared over walls and socle to protect a house from the evil and negative vibrations. Mint is able to evoke love and is often added to love drinks. Mint also excites the metabolism organs. This herb belongs to Mercurial herbs which influence brain, nervous system, respiratory system, throat, tongue defections, memory and language. They are of a great value for those who have problems with communication and thinking. Sometimes they help at stomach-aches, lungs diseases and hands injuries. Mercurial herbs affect intellectual processes, such as thinking and logical conclusions. The regular use of these herbs lightens mental work proceeding, makes the mind mobile and attentive. They are particularly useful when writing a book or working on any project.

For peppermint, topaz and chalcedony serve as an energo-informational matrix.

The name topaz originates from the island of Topazos (now - Zaberged). In ancient times, topaz was considered as a mascot which unloads an odd energy of violent and dangerous patients. It was also considered as a stone of the illumination, which awakens a blithesome delight from life in humans, and expels infidelity and anger. In the Middle Ages, it symbolized kindness and sobriety. A golden topaz helps on impregnation for sterile women, treats hepatopathy, improves vision in the case of myopia, gives beauty and attraction to girls, and gifts wisdom to everyone without exception. In ancient times, topaz was called the stone of the rich people because there was a belief that people can gain the favour of authority and become rich when they own topaz. Topaz sharpens the human reaction on environment, develops the ability of forecasting and intuition. It helps people to influence other people, conquer them, and find out the perfidy and intrigues of the enemies. The stone helps to forecast the schemes of business partners or interlocutor, and make the decision in season. Besides, topaz is a good medicinal stone. It was called the stone of internal illumination. It was used for treatment of madness and insomnia. If topaz is carried in a silver casing on one's neck, it will lighten the asthma spasms, help to overcome the gout and cure from epilepsy. During continuous carrying on a breast, topaz strengthens the immunity. At many chronic diseases, the use of topaz amulets significantly increases the efficiency of other methods of treatment. This stone is also used for the treatment of throat, tonsillitis and spine diseases.

Chalcedony is named after the town of Chalcedon situated at the Bosporus coast. Chalcedony, due to its magic properties, was considered as a mascot of love, which help women to attract men's hearts. People carried chalcedony to get rid of anger. It was also considered that chalcedony amulets save from cardiac embarrassments and melancholy. Carrying of white chalcedony is useful for having a sharp sight.

Achutea mihefouum. Common names: yarrow, milfoil. Chemical composition: essential oil (0.8%), flavonoids, sesquiterpenes, tannic and bitter substances, vitamin K, and organic acids. This plant is used as a wound-healthing and blood-stopping means. A herbal tincture or liquid extract is prescribed in cases of uterine bleeding. Yarrow is also recommended in cases of odontalgia, haemorrhoid as well as for foster-mothers' lactation improvement. A yarrow decoction is useful in cases of ligament ruptures, chronic ischionitis and breath troubles. It also beetles calculus in urinary bladder and kidneys. Burned yarrow prevents the hair fall. The herb is able to absorb mucous oncoma and has viscous effect on gums. It is used for the treatment of headaches, blood thrombosis, spleen diseases, radiculitis, gout, loin diseases, and drugs poisoning. Yarrow belongs to Venus herbs. These herbs are useful for those who are unhappy because of social inequity. They make us feel attractive and that we have a sense of humour. They gift us a feeling of social comfort and open up the vibration secrets of the surrounding people. Venus prolongs the duration of intimate connection. The treatment of reproductive system is connected with Venus. These herbs are connected with blood, urinary organs, sensibility, throat and skin. These herbs clean the sensory perception and give the feeling of aesthetic. They help to attract the desirable love. They are useful for artists, musicians and other creative art personalities; they, as well, develop the feeling of taste and beauty, and increase the psychological perception.

Aquamarine, pearls and moonstone are the energo-informational matrix for yarrow.

Aquamarine was used for producing amulets in ancient times. These amulets improved the vision, quenched the passion and damped the hurricanes and thunders. Since long time it has been considered the stone of sailors. Mascot of aquamarine provided its owner with safety during cruises, and victory in the sea battles. Besides, it was the mascot of eternal friendship, sobriety and silver tongue. Aquamarine gives the ability to gain insight into the enigma hidden in everyday, for the first sight, things. It is one of the most magnificent magic stones because it can ever find out an astral deception. Aquamarine also strengthens the human spirituality, gives its owner an emotional comprehension of the world. Aquamarine helps people to direct the energy of primitive wishes into constructive way. It teaches to live without "energetic wastes". Aquamarine makes sure people's thoughts, wishes and actions follow moral laws of society. If it is not so, the stone starts to clean the human organism. The spirit of aquamarine leads people to higher level of cognition, and shows a lot of ways of reading out and understanding of information. With aquamarine, it is easier to quit smoking and drinking. In ancient times aquamarine was considered as a mascot that treats stomach, liver, and helps from the dentalgia. It is a symbol of wisdom, quenches the passion and too violent emotions.

Pearls originate from Chinese "jen-ju". Arabs called it "zenchug", Indians - "maniara", and Greeks - "Margarite". Slavic and European languages use the word "pearl". Pearls are the stronghold of faith and love; they save this faith, and strengthen the marriage bonds and house. Ancient people believed that pearls turn dark on those people who are able to go against their conscience, make a dirty trick and change their principles. So pearls are the barometer of human behaviour and the judge of human actions. Pearls were considered as well as a good remedy: an extract in which pearls were cooked, is a good medicine in cases of liver diseases and anaemia. Beaten pearls were drunk with buffalo milk as it saved from pristite and gave the ability to forecast the future.

Moonstone relaxes and quenches the emotional splashes. If emotions prevail in one's life, it is very difficult to reach the higher levels of reality. Moonstone teaches to take control over emotions. There are many various feelings in human subconsciousness. Moonstone is a guard of subconsciousness which saves us from our own emotions. That is why it is recommended to be used during the meditation and to be carried near the heart. This stone is very useful for women during emmenia as it gives physical, hormonal and emotional balance. Moonlight helps men to better take control over their famine aspects. Owing to moonstone, its owner covers himself from the society. In this state, the human becomes invulnerable and safe from dirty world and simultaneously takes an opportunity to extrinsically observe the world.

Harmonisation of the human state is realised through the above proposed collection (HDF). The applied useful model is carried out as follows. Dwelling fumigation is usually made by woman. There must be nobody in the house except for the person who makes this procedure: no people, no animals, no birds; aquarium, if is, has to be covered with a thick dark blanket. The procedure should be carried out without an electric light on and other electric device being engaged. The package contain is poured out into a spoon or a dish and its surface is set afire. Then, it is needed to go with that spoon around the house and fumigate the rooms, corridor, shed (if available), kitchen, garage or barn, closets, nightstands, boxes, small rooms, etc. The ash or the remainder has to be dropped out into flowing water, e.g. wash stand or toilet bowl, or buried into the ground.

During burning the HDF, electro-magnetic oscillation with the laid down information emanate. These are absorbed by electro-magnetic oscillation of the reverse pole. An informational charge is so strong that it is able to neutralise, damp or even delete the information of the reverse pole. The features of the HDF also include:
  1. 1) Evolutional vegetation forms have different charges of the lively force. Different plants have different by their force, intensity and form vibrations. The plant vibrations depend on the area of vegetation, scent, colour, processing and many other factors.
  2. 2) During the processing the plants included into the HDF, natural stones are used which composite the energo-informational matrix that fosters the plant vibrations.
  3. 3) Advantages of plant use: cleaning of an organism is carried out without adverse events; a body is saturated with an additional energy; and the immunity system is stimulated.

By the presented methodology, we have treated some 150 patients with different psycho-emotional abnormalities. The survey has shown that more than 85% of patients significantly improved their conditions and this allowed them to stabilise their general state and increase their working abilities.

Thus a significant practical experience of the inventor as well as the above information give us an opportunity to claim that the proposed collection provides an optimal effect on the psycho-emotional system and on the organism of the biological object as a whole.


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