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Restores metabolism, improves blood composition. Eliminates harmful products, toxins and other things from the body. Makes anti-inflammatory, astringency and antibacterial effect, eliminates spasms. Increases common tonus of your body, persistence, eliminates sleepiness, sharpens your sight. Promotes overcoming fatigue and stress. Helps your body to restore quickly after hard mental and physical work. Improves body resistance to the affects of environment. Increases your potency and sexual desire.


Recommended for persons with chronic diseases, who take pills for long time, those suffering from alcohol and drug addiction, the persons working on harmful productions. For people suffering from weakness and weak immune system.

Components: Stevea, ginseng -redberry root, inula root, blackberry leaves, European black current leaves, bilberry leaves, horsetail, aglet.

“I am 72. I noticed that my health was getting weaker. I started drinking "Dolgolet tea". As a result I facultybecame more persistent, my sight became sharper, sleepiness disappeared, body tonus increased. I have sexual life with my wife and I am glad with this fact as I was sure I am too old now for this.”

Ivan Sergeevich, Cherkassy

“After receiving the Doctor's degree I noticed that I got tired both mentally and physically. And I was the head of our faculty. Kononenko recommended me to drink "Dolgolet tea". I am pleased!”

Natalia, Kiev

“I had being working in galvanic department for 16 years. Paint, acetone and other chemicals had almost killed me. It was not long period before retirement and I could not retire earlier. I bought "Dolgolet"and at ones felt more energetic. I am drinking this tea for half a year. I don't want to retire earlier now.”

Valentina, Kovel

“I was drug addict and could not stop drinking drugs. I knew I would not live for long. I started drinking "Dolgolet" out of respect to my aunt, who told about it. After 7 months of drinking tea one day I even forgot to take my ordinary drug dose. Kononenko is real academician. As for "Dolgolet" it has not only prolonged my life but saved me. I would like also to drink Wondertea to help my liver and body.”

Petr, Kryvoy Rog

“After hospitalization I continued drinking lots of medicines. I had breathing problems. It was hard to go upstairs and I was ill and tired doing housework. My son had bought "Dolgolet", I drink it for 3 months already. And I take not so many pills now. I feel much better, more energetic.”

Antonina, Khmelnitskiy

"Magic herbs"

The plant is living in Crimea,
It acts as panacea from disease.
Where did you come from
Dear Madam Echinacea?

"I lived in America
And Indians used me as medication,
Now I am here in Crimea,
I am glad to be here

But I am bored of being alone
I live in steppe climate,
Please bring my sister here,
My sister's name is stevia.

Now these two magic plants
Live here in Crimea,
And they both work hard
To make your health better.

They made friends with the Institute
And there they turned into WonderTea
I haven't been to this Institute
But have been drinking this tea

And in a month
Insomnia and adenoma
Had disappeared
From my home
And nerves got better with this herbs

I don't use alcohol
To get asleep
And arrhythmia had also ran away
I can drink cold water from the fridge
And do not notice the weather changes.

I was a strong man when I was young,
But a couple of years ago I felt weaker
And all of a sudden
My man's health was OK again

My girl said
She did not expect it like this
As if I was ten years younger man,
Please buy this tea for me to feel OK.

Now both of us use this tea,
We want to get rid of her diseases
And sometimes I even forget
That I'll be seventy-five soon.

I drive my car without problems
I forgot of my back pain,
I do jogging even better
Than my grandson - that's it

It is nice to feel healthy
And to drink Wonder tea
The herb is nice indeed
And both my body and spirit are glad with it

V.N. Segeda

"Dolgolet" is a modern scientific research invention, now avaluable to all the people in our country.

Konstantin Kononenko, herbal therapist, medical psychologist, parapsychologist, master of psychology, doctor of philosophy, academician, director of the Institute of Parapsychology "Nova Generaciya"


Minimum treatment course - 1 months (5 packets),

Call: 050 15-44-259

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