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A unique cosmetic remedy for all types of skin. It is carefully designed by a team of specialists and based on the most modern achievements in the area of bioenergetics, herbal therapy and argil therapy (treatment using clay).

For the first time in the history of cosmetology stevia (stevia rebaudiana Bertoni) in combination with white-blue Cambrian clay was included among the ingredients of cosmetic remedy. This combination of cream ingredients decreases the growth of bacteria, which provoke the inflammation of skin sebaceous glands (those provoking skin acnes), makes your skin more elastic, eliminates inflammation and prevents wrinkles formation. The elements, which contain among the components of stevia and white-blue clay are complementary to the cells and tissues of human body; this allows to use this type of treatment for a long time without side effects.

The complex of oil herbal extracts, Cambrian clay and essential oils does not irritate your skin, easily penetrates and absorbs into your skin, smoothes the upper lays of skin, preventing skin from dehydration, dust and dirt.

Contains: glyceride of unsaturated retinol acid, acids (stearine, oleinic, dihydroxystearic , valerianic, ursol, linoleic, arachidonic), vitamins (A,E), glycerin, mixture of esters, carotenoids, flavonoids, saponins, essential oils, pitches, karyophyllene, heraniol, baras camphor, coumarin (tonka-bean camphor), gerniarin, menthol, citral, carvon, dihydrocarvon, sodium tetraborate, silicon dioxide, aluminium hydroxide, glycosides (phytosteroids).

Cream properties: due to the phon created by healing 8-meter static wave (equal to the normal-functioning cells of the human body) and rich biochemical characteristics, the cream performs cooling effect along with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and stimulating metabolism effects in the cells of human skin.

Cream promotes normal functioning of sebaceous glands, makes your skin more resistant to irradiation, mutagens, carcinogenic agents.

Cream prevents irritation of human skin and retards the flow of ageing process.

Indications for use:

  • Protects your skin in dry, windy, hot or chilly weather;
  • Gives your skin nice mat facture;
  • May be used as good make-up basis;
  • For regular use as feeding cream substance for dry skin (after 25 years of age);
  • For sensitive skin after shave.

—USE: Cover your skin with cream in the morning after skin cleaning and do not take it off in daytime.

The skin is covered with the cream gently using slight auto-massage movements. Do not rub your face already covered with cream to avoid extra early wrinkles formation.

The skin in the area of your eyes needs special care during cream greasing - otherwise the skin gets stretched which promotes formation of many small wrinkles. So cover this area with slight effleurage finger movements in the direction from the outer eye edge to the inner.

Contra-indications: Skin too sensitive to the cream ingredients.

Caution: Make allergic tests on small spot of skin before use.

Shelf-life: 12 months since the date of production.

Storage: Keep to protect carefully from direct sunlight - t = +5+10oC and relative humidity not more then 70%.

Produced by:

Private enterprise "Nova Generaciya", phone: 050-154-42-59 email:

Address of production:

Sotnika, 2, Tabachnoe, Bakhchisarai district, Crimea

ń—“” 4765:2007
“” ” 24.5-31591453-012:2009



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