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Show-Mystery of "CHAKLUNKY" ("FAERIES")

╩ononenko, the Director of Institute of Parapsychology "Nova Generaciya" (see "Domestic doctor" ╣╣ 19, 20 of 11.05 and 18.05, 2006).

Our readers are well acquainted with the scientific products of the Institute: the dwelling fumigation grass, "Planet" postal, amulets, sacral oil, and many of you have tested their clearing, ennobling and healthful effect. Each of these scientific products is patented and is successfully used for normalization and harmonization of human life. With their help it is possible to get rid of diseases, take off the negative energy, spoiling, jinxing, curse; overcome continuous failures; succeed in business; find an appropriate job, and avoid the loneliness. Amulets prevent from quarrels in a family, help to give up alcoholic addiction and solve many other important problems.

In July, the Crimeans will have one more opportunity to visit the individual receptions by Konstantin Kononenko and other employees of the Institute. But this time we all have a unique opportunity to see something new, visiting an unbelievably enforcing and influencing show of the Dariy Kononenko Theatre of Dance. So today we asked Konstantin Vladimirovich to tell us about this.

- Konstantin Vladimirovich, is it possible to consider the performance of this theatre as a new scientific product of your Institute of "Nova Generaciya"?

- Undoubtedly. Everything that comes out from the walls of our Institute has a strictly scientific basis and is aimed at only one thing - to serve to people, love and kindness. We have developed a way of affecting the human problems with the healthy and positive information and energy transfer through the most efficient and simple method - specially selected music and certain motions. Thus, we have created the show-mystery of "Chaklunky".

- ╩onstantnn Vladimirovich, why exactly does the dance underlie this mystery?

- Well, dance is the very ancient action, peculiar with the people. At the early stages of human being, it was exactly the dance that became the means of expression of thoughts and senses that were uneasy to translate into words. For a long time, dance existed as a ceremonial phenomenon in cultures of all the peoples inhabiting our planet. Dance was an expression of the most important aspects of human life. During the millenniums there were sacral dances for celebration and avoidance of misfortune, mourning of dead and treatment of patients.

- So dance can really bring through the illness?

- Of course. In ancient sources, there is a huge number of historical certificates of wonderful cures due to the influence of different types of arts. In more recent times, for example, in Italy, the dance of "Tarantella" was considered the efficient means of treatment of tarantula bite.

with the positive energy of motion and poses, plastic expressivity and mimic. Dynamics, tempus, and rhythm of motions are all aimed at self-sanitation and spiritual clearing. Influence is increase not only by the music but also by corresponding costumes, colours and light accompaniments. We paid special attention to energo-informational adaptation of motions, that causes the feeling of unusual harmony and natural joy, facilitates the development and awareness of own "I".

- Is it possible to say that you gift love to people?

- Quite so. Exactly the love, which is able to work wonders and which is a huge energy source. Every measure of music and every move of our dancers are just penetrated with love. Every emotion is managed by the central nervous system, and, biologically, this process is absolutely identical for all the people. Therefore, we are able to perceive the emotional conditions of other people even at the distance. The scenic actions also cause our emotional return reactions, and we are all filled with a mutual love and harmony. Just this state means a health, family happiness, success, life without damaging habits, real, full-fledged joy and veritable love. Our mystery results in uniting of physical and spiritual matters up to that huge set of the positive energy, which causes real electric impulses in a body affecting consciousness and subconsciousness. A magic of our dance opens a door in a tremendous world of harmony, kindness, health and love.

The first performance took place in Kyiv on July, 7th, and nobody was left untouched - neither youths nor more adult audience. It is difficult to describe by words all the senses which simply overfilled the audience: delight, gratitude, phenomenal splash of positive emotions, and everybody came to the opinion that the mystery of "Chaklunky" is a real touch of the unusual miracle. And it could not be in other way, because in any age the aspiration to be happy and healthy it is typical of everybody.

- ╩onstantin Vladimirovich, in conclusion what would you like to wish to our readers?

- I would like to repeat here: I wish love and kindness to everybody and invite to our performances. In fact, after visiting of "Chaklunky" you will become better, healthier, cleaner and happier.

Source: the Newspaper " Crimean Time " ╣76 (2314) 13 jul 2006.


Moreover, a human being is a part of nature, part of the Universe, where everything is subordinated to a certain rhythm: flows and ebbs, changing of day and night, motion of stars, etc. Therefore, a rhythm matters significantly for a human being influencing his or her breathing, heart beating, etc Rhythmic motions and music are able to counterbalance a psyche, cure and enhance the intellectual energy to overcome depressions.

- In your mystery, does music either take a certain curing part?

- Long years of investigations on the treatment effect of music allowed generalizing centuries-old experience in this sphere and uniting this knowledge for the creation of musical composition, each sound of which is not sudden but subordinated to a strictly defined task and brings the charge of positive influence on the body and mental conditions of a human being. Music can treat. This truth does not require proofs anymore. The ancient parable on the use of music as remedy is represented in Old Testament. It says, that David, playing on a harp, cured Saul from nervous disease. Pythagoras, Aristotle and Plato, these greatest sages of antiquity, considered that music establishes order in the whole Universe, including a broken harmony in a human body. And this is indeed so. For this reason, we conducted research in area of therapeutically curing influence of music on a person and strengthened it by uniting music and motion in an organic whole, and creating a unique performance of "Chaklunky".

- ╩onstantin Vladimirovich, who is the first-hand author of this invention?

- The method of positive information transfer through a specially selected music and moves is worked out by the whole collective of the Institute of "Nova Generaciya". I wrote the script of choreographic performance under the copyright conditions. In the mystery, the dances are put up by the known choreographer Lyudmila Popovich, and the ballet dancers are the actors of the Dariy Kononenko Theatre of Dance.

The art of "Chaklunky" explores the spiritual world of humans. The basic expressive facilities of the mystery are harmonious, filled

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