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Many people ask: "What is it - the sensational Wonder Tea, which saves people and can help to overcome innumerable number of diseases?" You will find the answers to many of your questions here.
Th following Conclusion is given by the ministry of public health care of Ukraine, national Sanitary and epidemiological service 05.03.02-04/7909

Health - your greatest treasure

Health is harmony with the nature and with your inner being. If one keeps oneself far from the natural environment, a person is unprotected from the diseases of soul and body.

A unique remedy, which includes in itself the latest achievements in the area of bioenergetics and phytotherapy and helps you to restore health, is called "Health-improvement Tea". The Wonder Tea as many customers call it is a result of joint scientific research work of Kyiv Institute of Parapsychology "Nova Generaciya" and the Crimean Enterprise "Stevia".

Ingredients: stevia, purple cone-flower. It is recommended for treatment in case of chronic catarrhal diseases. It strongly affects immune and nervous systems, prevents cancer progressing process.

Purple cone-flower makes a positive effect in case of bronchi-lungs system diseases; antritis, otitus; kidney and urinogenital system disorders; alimentary system diseases; disorders of cardiovascular and nervous system; poisoning of various etiology.

Stevia is a unique plant, which is 300 times sweeter than an ordinary sugar. Stevia, or honey grass, originally comes from South America. For a long time under the penalty of severe punishment (even up to death penalty) import of this plant abroad was strictly forbidden. Only in the 80-th years of the XX century stevia appeared in the area of the former USSR. And even in those days only the privileged class of people could afford themselves to buy it. In accordance with the decision of the USSR Cabinet of Ministers the research work to adopt this plant to our conditions was conducted as "top secret" research in the system of military-industrial complex. The scientists had the task to work out the optimum health-improving food for cosmonauts, submariners, state and army leaders. In 1986 stevia appears in the Crimea. Being a natural conserving agent, stevia has an anti-microbial and antimycotic effect, stimulates removing of metabolic products, salts of heavy metals out of the body, plays as a tonic, restores your energy after nerve and physical exhaustion, supplies your body with power and energy, slows ageing process; it does not affect your memory activities unlike other artificial sugar equivalents; it is an essential remedy for diabetics (stimulates insulin secretion). In treatment of diabetes and obesity stevia ingredients are involved in the metabolic process without participation of insulin, stimulating and improving carbohydraee metabolism. Stevia helps you to overcome various skin problems, including dermatitis and eczema. Stevia plant contains silicon acid, which improves the condition of conjunctive tissue, skin, and hair and nail structure. Stevia is successfully applied in the treatment of seborrhea. Stevia also prevents adamantine substance of tooth from destruction.

Purple corn-flower with combined with stevia removes radionuclide. It is applied in the treatment of obesity, endocrine system pathology, recommended in treatment of sharp and chronic inflammatory, infectious and septic diseases; in case of the very first symptoms of catarrhal diseases.

The herbal essence of purple cone-flower with stevia was exposed to bioenergetics and informational influence at the Kyiv institute of parapsychology in accordance with our method, which was specifically worked out (Invention Patent 13413. Issued by the State department of intellectual property of Ukraine on March 15 2006). Thus, according to the Certificate of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, our health improvement tea can be applied with the purpose of destroying negative energy, improving health, reducing the negative influence of environment, non-medical treatment and preventing of various diseases of different status, emotional and psycho-somatic disorders, also with the aim to achieve physical and mental harmony. Our wonder tea can be applied both at home and in public places (kindergartens, schools, offices, and out-patient and hospital treatment in clinics).

Instructions for use: Take 1 packet per 1 glass of hot-boiled water, it should be infused for 15-20 minutes; after that you can take 1 glass of this liquid 2-3 times per day before meals.

I had two strokes; as a result I had to take 20 pills per day. I used Wonder Tea for a month. Now I take few pills and feel much better.
Sergey, Kharkov
I had a heart attack, I was ill for a long time and suffered from pressure jumps. I bought Wonder tea. My headaches disappeared at ones, and my blood pressure became normal in a week.
. Burkenya, Nikolaev
I had asthma, backaches, breathing problems, pain in my arms and legs, especially when the weather changed. Thank you for the Health-Improving tea - I have mo longer complains for health now. Your Tea is a wonder, indeed.
Luydmila, Simferopol
I took Wonder tea for 3 weeks. My hair stopped falling out, my sleep and appetite are normal, I do not have complains for pain in my legs, my stomach ulcer is now gone.
N. Kucheryavaya, Kyiv
This tea is so pretty and sweet. I decided to try it against smoking. I could not imagine I could give up smoking so easily. It's simply great.
Aleksey, Kherson
I was a heavy drunkard. Alcohol addiction lead to health problems with the liver. It was impossible to take chemical meds. Your doctors came to Kremenchug. My daughter bought 3 packets of this tea to for liver treatment. I got rid of vodka very easily, my liver restored. And I feel myself a real man now
Leonid, Kremenchug
I am 73, and like most people of my age, I have many health problems: arrhythmia, pancreatitis, prostatitis, hypertension, duodenum ulcer, osteochondrosis, deforming arthrosis of knee joints. I had to take many pills, yet it did not give much results, therefore I often called for an ambulance. My son had bought the health-improving tea for me, and he insisted that I should use this Wonder tea. A few days later I was feeling much better, all my pain disappeared gradually, dyspnea is now gone, blood pressure is normal. I feel quite well now and enjoy life, I can do work at home and in my country cottage. I don't take pills and feel greatly satisfied.
K. Skrypnuk, Donetsk
Our children were in poor health quite often - the slightest overchill usually made them stay in bed for a month. The nurse at the kindergarten recommended to improve immune system using Wonder tea. The results are amazing. We have no more cold now. The most important thing is that they enjoy drinking this sweet tea.
Lena, Chernomorskoe
I was a severe neurotic. The fits of "madness" changed into long-term depressions. I lost all my friends. At the age of 32 I had no husband, no children, even stopped contacting with my parents. I went to doctor Kononenko, and he recommended me to drink Health-improvement tea. After two weeks of taking the Health-improvement tea I felt myself like a brand-new creature. I became calm and judicious. I went to visit my parents at ones to apologize for my behavior. But the most important thing for me is that I met a man, who is courting me now. Thank you!
Alena, Evpatoria
I am a diabetic. I realized I had no alternative except taking insulin. I decided to try drinking Wonder tea. I read an advert saying this health care tea can increase the secretion of natural insulin. I avoid making categorical statements, but I did not take any insulin injections; I avoided this. I drink Wonder tea for half a year already.

Ivan Aleksandrovich, Lvov

All my life I had problems with urinogenital system. My menses were abundant or stopped; I had kidney pains and gelosis in my breast. My gynecologist said: "Stop taking pills, you had already enough. It would be better to choose herbal meds and drink". Godmother of my child visited doctor Kononenko and told me she was very pleased with the Wonder tea he recommended her. She gave me tea to use also. That is a real wonder. I can't believe it but I feel myself like a young girl now. No more health complains.
Svetlana, Dzhankoy
My son could not get rid of enuresis. He woke up wet every morning, although he is 9 years old already. We have tried many methods to get rid of the problem and finally decided to drink this tea. The boy had problem only twice after taking Wonder tea for a week. After another week of treatment it happened only ones. We decided to give him this tea to drink for two more weeks and thank God, he does not have this problem to this day and feels well now.
Nina, Zhytomir
Obesity is a problem for many people. Regrettably, I was not an exception. By the age of 40 I had many extra pounds, and health complains came along with them; I had neither desire, nor energy enough to overcome it. My friend recommended me to drink the Wonder tea, which helped her to get rid of extra weight. I have already finished the first stage of this program: correction of genetically inherited problems and neutralization of negative energy, which I had obtained in the process of life. I can tell you that I have found physical and mental harmony, food-addiction disappeared. I am now in the second stage of the program and I see good results in my appearance. I feel myself younger indeed and my lifestyle has completely changed; I live a life of a woman of fashion now.
Lubov Andreevna, Zhytomir


Minimal course of treatment:
15 days (3 packs),

For chronic diseases - 2 month and more.

You can call:
+38 050 15 44 259

Price: 35 UAH per 1 pack
Certificate. Series: AOO 187633 of May 27 1994. Issued by Kyivo-Svyatoshynsky administration of Kyiv region.
All rights reserved

You can take this wonder tea for several weeks, after which you will be able to stabilize your life well enough by your own. I myself drink this tea for many years, and it gives me enough joy and energy.

Konstantin Kononenko,
phytotherapist, medical psychologist,
parapsychologist, master of psychology,
doctor of philosophy, academician,
director of the Institute of Parapsychology
"Nova Generaciya"

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